Malcolm Smith's software

Antinat Socks Server

Antinat is a SOCKS server for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac OS X. A SOCKS server can be used as a general purpose, protocol agnostic proxy. This server supports most common SOCKS functions, including versions 4 and 5, authentication via username/password and CHAP, name resolution by name or IP, outbound and inbound connections, and includes a client library for developing SOCKS client applications.

Serenity Audio Player

Serenity is a playlist based audio player for Windows. It features a clean and simple interface and minimal overhead. Formats supported are limited only by CODECs and drivers installed on the machine.

WinCvt Converter Toolkit

WinCvt is a set of tools and library for interacting with Windows and Office converters. It allows conversion between arbitary document types, limited only by the converters installed on the host computer. In addition, it allows applications to be written that can use these converters. Bundled applications include tools to convert documents via GUI or command line, install converters, query system converters, preview documents, and more.