Serenity Audio Player

Serenity is a playlist based audio player for Windows. It features a clean and simple interface with minimal overhead. Formats supported are limited only by CODECs and drivers installed on the machine.

Serenity was formerly known as Malx Media Player; older versions still carry that nomclemanture.

Serenity requires Windows 95 or NT 4 or newer. The binary distribution uses the ANSI character set (for Windows 9x compatibility) and is a 32-bit binary. However, it can also be compiled as a Unicode binary and/or as a 64-bit binary.


Win32 binary distribution Win32 debug distribution Source distribution
3.2.3 serenity-3.2.3-win32-installer.exe serenity-3.2.3-win32-installer-debug.exe
3.2.2 mplay-3.2.2-win32-installer.exe mplay-3.2.2-win32-installer-debug.exe
3.2.1 mplay-3.2.1-win32-installer.exe mplay-3.2.1-win32-installer-debug.exe
3.2.0 mplay-3.2.0-win32-installer.exe mplay-3.2.0-win32-installer-debug.exe
3.0.2 mplay-3.0.2-win32-installer.exe
3.0.1 mplay-3.0.1-win32-installer.exe